Who we are?

The right place to wholesale fruits and vegetables

Wholesale Market Sofia is located at the entrance of the city, in a communicative location, in view of the easy access of agricultural goods to the capital.

Over the years, the market has established itself as a preferred location for traders and manufacturers. We supply most of the small shops and traders of the markets in Sofia and the district, as well as a huge part of the HORECA business in Sofia. Also, many Bulgarian manufacturers, or their representatives, are based in our market.

The established infrastructure, easy access, and internal market organisation allow merchants to trade large volumes of goods as fast as possible. Buyers' confidence in our market is key to the future of the market. In order to maintain the high level of supply and demand, market staff and traders work as a team. The market has systems in place to maintain and monitor the hygiene of the trading units and transport lanes, the food safety, and the transparency of trading.

Wholesale Market Sofia developed a unique for Bulgaria electronic registration system for the sellers and the produce they trade. The system is an electronic register, which is being introduced for the first time in the non-animal food market. The innovative software we have created enables the so-called "traceability" of food to take place.

Market cleaning and waste treatment is carried out on schedule and with specialised equipment.

When visiting the wholesale market, you can always turn to one of our employees for assistance. If you would like to receive more information about the commercial premises and the conditions under which you can sell your produce - do not hesitate to contact us at the telephone number and e-mail address provided in the "Contacts" section.

Why choose us?

  • Minimum downtime - minimizing the downtime of the produce in the marketplace ensures fresh fruits and vegetables for the consumer.
  • Short path to the consumer - shortening the intermediate links in the produce's journey ensures an optimal price for the producer and the consumer.
  • Social commitment - marketing and sales of locally sourced food.
  • Open access - ensuring that every Bulgarian producer has the opportunity to sell their own products.
  • Non-monopolistic trade - multiple producers and traders, placed in a competitive environment, offer the highest possible quality and the widest choice of products.
  • Food traceability - a fundamental principle in European and Bulgarian legislation, ensuring the safety and transparency of the environment in which the food for your table moves.



The development of wholesale trade over the last quarter of a century


The Wholesale Sofia Market was launched in 1996 as a producers' market offering a wholesale outlet for Bulgarian producers. Trading takes place on an asphalt site of about 15 acres.


In 2000, the company was privatized and continued to operate as a producers' market. The area was increased to 30 acres.


Significant investments have been made: the asphalt playground has been expanded, the construction of indoor commercial areas has begun, a massive fence has been built and the access regime has been organized through the covered portal from the street. The building is secured by a covered area and a gated road is connected with Amsterdam street.


Since 2002, the Sofia Wholesale Market for Bulgarian Producers has been registered under the Bulgarian Wholesale Trade Act and offers retail space to fruit and vegetable wholesalers.


We continued the development of enclosed commercial premises and created our first cold storage units.


A modern commercial-warehouse base with an area of 3000 square metre has been put into operation.


We have added a waste recycling depo.


94 new thermo-isolated trading units have been created.


The concrete flooring has been completely refurbished. The wholesale market is registered and licensed in accordance with all Bulgarian law. Our company is a member of the association of wholesale markets in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Commerce Chamber and the International Association of Wholesale Markets of central and eastern Europe CEIWMF.
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