Wholesale Market Sofia offers commercial premises and
storage areas for trading on wholesale of fruit and vegetables.

Excellent location

Our wholesale market is located near some of the capital's busiest thoroughfares.

Directly to the customer

A place that enables producers and customers to trade.

Sales and storage

In addition to access to commercial premises, we also offer various storage facilities for your produce.

Convenient working hours

The market opens early in the morning so that all products reach their clients fresh.


Who we are?

Wholesale Market Sofia is located at the entrance of the city, in a communicative location, in view of the easy access of agricultural goods to the capital.

Over the years, the market has established itself as a preferred location for traders and manufacturers. We supply most of the small shops and traders of the markets in Sofia and the district, as well as a huge part of the HORECA business in Sofia. Also, many Bulgarian manufacturers, or their representatives, are based in our market.

Trade spots

You can rent a convenient location in which to wholesale your produce.
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Storage Spaces

By reserving your space in the warehouse, you will be able to store your products as close to your customers as possible.
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Regrigeration Areas

We also offer cold storage facilities so you can always offer fresh and well-preserved produce.
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